Basic Mom Week in Review - 02/01/15

5 Things That Actually Happened This Week and the Lessons I Learned

1. My toddler cried real tears because I turned on The Little Mermaid instead of Frozen (because she has already watched Frozen about 80 times since the broken leg incident and I needed a break from Arendelle!).

Then, instead of giving the '80s Disney classic a try, she scooted over to the Xbox and turned it off.

Lesson: Disney for sure put something equivalent to kid crack in Frozen.

2. We introduced my toddler to painting with watercolors, which she actually did quite nicely for about 4 minutes.

Then she started painting her face:

Lesson: My toddler is capable of calmly performing an activity for approximately 4 minutes.

3. During the same family watercolor session, my husband was being suspiciously quiet . . .

Because he was working on a card for me.

Lesson: I must have won the husband lottery.

4. My husband bought a new MacBook Air, and this conversation ensued:

Husband: Look how thin and beautiful she is!

Me: I'm never going to be thin enough for you!

Lesson: Next time my husband wants to buy a new gadget, he should wait until I'm done PMSing.

5. I bought diapers, and the box replaced all other forms of entertainment in my house for several hours.

(Except Frozen, of course - that's what they were watching while in the box.)

Lesson: Next Christmas I should spend Santa's money on the Dyson I have always wanted and wrap up the giant box for the kids.