Basic Mom Week in Review - 11/30/14

5 Things That Actually Happened This Week and the Lessons I Learned

1. While I thought Toddler was napping . . .

She figured out how to remove her own diaper, threw said diaper out of her crib, and peed all over her mattress.

Lesson: Don't let Husband put Toddler down for a nap unless you remind him to make sure she is wearing pants.

2. This conversation with my 5-year-old daughter:

5-year-old: The couch smells good

Me: What?

5-year-old: It smells like pineapple

Me: Why?

5-year-old: I spilled my pineapple cup

Lesson: She should definitely go into politics.

3. I burned cookies on purpose . . .

for a Taylor Swift parody video.

Lesson: Never burn cookies. Burnt cookies make your house smell terrible for days.

4. My 5-year old made up a lovely song to sing to her sister. It went something like this:

"Sister has a P in her mouth! Sister has a P in her mou-outh!"

Lesson: Do not use "P" as code for pacifier.

5. I successfully cooked a complete Thanksgiving dinner  (*pats self on back*) . . .

but didn't start in on the wine until everything was almost done for fear the alcohol would inhibit my cooking ability.

Lesson: Next year, I can start drinking earlier.