Basic Mom Week in Review - 02/22/15

5 Things That Actually Happened This Week and the Lessons I Learned:

1. This conversation:

6-year-old (holding out a very small unidentifiable object): Mom, what's this?

Me: I don't know. Where did you find it?

6-year-old: In my mouth.

And then this update about 2 minutes later:

6-year-old: It was a pretzel. I ate it.

Lesson: My daughter ate pretzels at some point earlier that day. I hope.

2. My husband told my toddler she couldn't play in the bathroom garbage, and this was her reaction:

Lesson: My toddler really likes used Kleenex and dental floss.

3. My 6-year-old wrote this note to herself:

It says, "dear Isla I hope you are happy!"

Then while I was wondering if her note was adorable or concerning, she asked if I could find a picture of George Washington on my phone, and then she drew this:

Lesson: I have zero grip on what's going on in my daughter's brain.

4. I set the kids up on the couch to watch a DVD while I put away the groceries (because sometimes the TV just has to be the babysitter). I checked in after about a minute, and this had already happened: 

Lesson: The TV is a better babysitter when I don't leave a pen within my toddler's reach.

5. During a friendly round of playing on the bed, my toddler asserted her dominance over me (and my 6-year-old captured the moment):

Lesson: The fact that she still thinks a physical show of dominance is necessary means there is hope that I may gain back control someday.