Basic Mom Week in Review - 02/15/15

5 Things That Actually Happened This Week and the Lessons I Learned

1. My 6-year-old started calling me from bed to get up earlier than necessary. I did the parent version of pressing "snooze" and yelled, "Just a few more minutes!" about 5 times. I finally gave in, pulled myself out of bed, and told my daughter she could come out.

As I was sleepily brushing my teeth and hating the fact that kids don't understand weekends, she called from her bedroom:

"I wish I could just stay in this warm, comfy bed!"

Lesson: Kids are just mean sometimes.

2. While she was supposed to be taking her morning nap, my toddler was learning how to take off her shirt.

She has continued to practice all week.

Lesson: My toddler has entered the exhibitionist phase.

3. While out to eat, my toddler removed her straw from her drink and replaced it with a french fry.

Then she tried to drink from it.

Lesson: French fries do not make good straws, but big sisters are highly entertained by the attempt to use them as such.

4. My kindergartener was quietly "working on some notes" while I was making dinner. She sweetly handed this one to me a few minutes after I asked her to set the table:

It says, "Hi MoM will you calleyn the tabill L<3ve Isla"

Translation: "Hi Mom. Will you clean the table? Love, Isla"

Lesson: It's difficult for my kindergartener to set the table when her school things and art supplies are scattered all over it, and apparently she is incapable of putting these things away. But at least she also made this cute fox drawing for me:

Fox drawing from kindergartener

5. My husband bought me a new MacBook Air for Valentine's Day.

I got him a sweater and some socks.

Lesson: I think we can call that even.