Basic Mom Week in Review - 01/25/15

5 Things That Actually Happened This Week and the Lessons I Learned

1. My 5-year-old became . . .

a 6-year-old!

Lesson: From what I can tell so far, 6-year-olds whine just as much as 5-year-olds, and, somehow, have even more attitude.

2. My 6-year-old received an Elsa dress from her grandparents as a birthday gift.

And now there is glitter EVERYWHERE, particularly in my bed where my 6-year-old decided to jump and thrash her cape around immediately after putting on said Elsa dress.

Lesson: Whoever makes Disney-brand apparel does not care one bit about its consumers' furniture/flooring/non-Disney apparel. Also, I'm going to wake up looking like a stripper for the foreseeable future

3. While walking out of the bathroom, my socks slipped on the wood floor and I ended up laying in my hallway (I realize that slip-and-falls are a theme of my life). 

Instead of making sure I was okay, my then-5-year-old, grabbed my phone and snapped this flattering picture of me:

Lesson: I have succeeded in teaching my daughter a vital lesson of the Facebook and Instagram Age: it's more important to capture the moment than to make sure your loved-one hasn't broken a bone.

4. My 6-year-old and I took a trip to Target to pick out a birthday present for her best friend and to pick up a few things I "needed."  When I asked my daughter what we should look at first, she said:

"Your stuff because it's more important."

Which was incredibly sweet. And also entirely wrong - the "important" stuff I "needed" was Spanx and eyeshadow.

Lesson: Next time my full-of-attitude 6-year-old gives me a big dose of side-eye in response to a completely reasonable question (like, "what would you like for lunch?"), I need to take a deep breath and remember that she can actually be sweet sometimes.

5. Against my husband's wishes, I wore a jumpsuit to our friends' wedding (a fabulous jumpsuit, I might add). While there, I asked a male friend for some support on the jumpsuit issue. 

His valuable input: "It's fine . . . You look like a mom."

Lesson: There may be times when the phrase, "You look like a mom," feels like a compliment. A rare night away from the kids is not one of them.

Here is the infamous jumpsuit - I know you are curious: