A Mom's Twelve Days of Christmas


According to Wikipedia, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was originally published in 1780. Which means it's horribly outdated. Really the only items on the list that may be desirable in modern times are the five golden rings, and, I suppose, the nine ladies dancing (if you happen to have singles on you). It's also ridiculously unrealistic - how does one come into possession of so many birds?

So, I've come up with my own version. It's not made up of desirable items, but rather, it's a realistic picture of what the Twelve Days of Christmas are actually like for all the moms out there. Because you learned what a horrible singer I am in my Blank Space Parody video, I will let you sing this one to yourself.

A Mom's Twelve Days of Christmas:

Twelve Temper Tantrums

Eleven Diaper Blowouts

Ten Loads of Laundry

Nine Hours Wrapping

Eight Dozen Cookies

Seven Headaches Starting

Six Family Parties

Five "Frozen" Things

Four Toys to Return

Three House Guests

Two Tired Kids

And a Slightly Tipsy Mommy.

 Merry Christmas from my chaotic house to yours!