Blank Space Parody

So, I'm pretty obsessed with Taylor Swift these days (I know, so basic), but particularly with "Blank Space." Mind you, I relate not in the slightest to the lyrics or to the video. My man-eating days are behind me (okay, they never really existed). I'm not sure I've ever even been in a mansion. But, I did ride a horse once at fifth grade camp . . . Anyway, I decided to make a version of the song that other moms like me might be able to relate to. Like Miss Swift's video, it is intended as exaggeration and satire, and not reality.

If you haven't seen Taylor's "Blank Space" video, please watch it first.

And here is my mom parody version, "Your Face." I apologize in advance for my complete and utter inability to sing. This is not intended as a showcase for my voice, which I realize is about 3,000 times worse than Britney's raw vocals.

A billion thanks to my husband for reluctantly helping me make my vision a reality. This would not have been possible without him because he, unlike me, understands how to record and edit audio and video.